The newly patented Jet Boards are taking over the internet. It has only been couple months since they were featured and the demand has already sky rocketed. They look extremely fun to ride and according to PowerSki JetBoard, they have 100 % success rate up to date. Weighing about 165lbs, they run at 35 + mph on flat water.

The single cylinder, two stroke 330cc engine pumps out 350psi of thrust, enabling you to go over speed of 45mph. The engine is 6.5 inches tall and 10 inches wide by 17 inches long. Since this product is in the phase of pre-production, their engineers state that the engines could weigh only 35lbs.

According to PowerSki JetBoard, there won’t be a lot of units this year, as they are still in the phase of pre-production. By next year, these JetBoards will hopefully be available near you.

Their website has sign up feature where you can sign up for demo days. Click Here . You can also get on the mailing list to see one in action and possibly demo a unit.

The suggested retail price for 330SS is between $5995 and $6995.

Also Available at Amazon.

Watch the Video to see it in action.