A headphone enthusiast or an audiophile has slightly different perspective about headsets and their performance. They are more into headsets and are in deeper reality of headphones than an ordinary people. Therefore, we have decided to review some of the best headphones that are perfect fit for an audiophile and one that has high fidelity reproduction of sound. These headphones are best rated among headphone hobbyist and has some intriguing technical features that are perfect match for an audiophile.

Here are some reviews on best audiophile headphones for 2015.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x – Best audiophile headphones under $200.

Now, Audio Technica is one of the well renowned headset that are commonly used in studios for recording and mixing. For an audiophile, there couldn’t be any better match. This particular headset Technica ATH-M50x has the frequency response of 15-28,000Hz. Now if you are wondering what does this mean to an audiophile? This means that this particular headphone is a holy grail for an audiophile. In technical terms, frequency response is the range of bass, mids and treble. Therefore, in this particular headset the frequency response of 15-28000Hz means, 15 represents the bass end of the spectrum while the 28000 represents the treble end. Also, 20-20,000 Hz is a standard frequency response in most headphones. Now, with this it should be pretty clear why Audio Technica ATH M50x is one of the best headset for an audiophile. Moreover, contoured earcups sealed tight for excellent sound isolation, with minimal bleed and the pro-grade materials provides durability and comfort. M-Series professional monitor headphones deliver accurate audio and outstanding comfort that gets the job done. A perfect headset for an audiophile that is well under $200.

Sennheiser HD 558 Headphones – Best audiophile headphones under $100.

This headset is one of the great audiophile over ear headphones that perfectly suits an audiophile. With highly optimized sound and field strengthened neodymium ferrous magnet system, Sennheiser HD 558 are best in quality and comfort. It is very lightweight and the stylish design with premium metal mesh and high-gloss burl wood accents Innovative Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement (E.A.R.) technology channels audio directly into your ears for realistic sound reproduction with deep bass that simulates sitting in front of a set of hi-fi speakers without the expense or space requirement. With high bass reproduction, this headset is ideal for an audiophile that gives the best bang for their buck.

Blue Microphones Mo-Fi Powered High-Fidelity Headphones with Integrated Audiophile Amplifier -Best Audiophile Headphones under $350.

This Mo-Fi ( True Mobile High Fidelity) headphones with integrated audiophile amplifier has everything for an audiophile. This particular headset delivers unprecedented level of sound quality that is unmatched with any of it’s rivals. You can now have a studio-quality sound on any device, almost anywhere and Blue Mircophones Mo-Fi is the first headphone designed around an integrated high fidelity amplifier. Mo-Fi is the first headphone that brings real audiophile sound quality to every device, from home A/V receivers to laptops, tablets and even your phone. One of the first headphones that combines a built-in custom audiophile amplifier and insanely great-sounding drivers for a truly mind-blowing listening experience. With high-end, high-fidelity sound drivers and a perfectly matched amplifier, Blue Mircophones Mo-Fi delivers the most accurate sound reproduction you’ve ever heard. Definitely one of the best headset for an audiophile that is worth every dime.

Grado Prestige Series SR80e Headphones – Best audiophile headphones under $150.

These handmade headsets are nothing but genius at work. Grado Prestige SR80e qualities are recently being realized by audiophiles and audio engineers. These set of headphones are one of the amazing sound reproducing headphones that are well built and has astounding sound clarity that matches the personality of an audiophile. One of the headphones that are clearly the best but lacks enough attention, Grado prestige series SR80e headphones will amaze you unlike anything. This is a completely open headphone, meaning that everyone in your vicinity will be able to hear your music. Conversely, ambient sounds will affect your experience, and it can be frustrating to enjoy them if you are for example on a bus and they are not truly convenient portable headphones. But the trade-off in audio is way worth it: this design gives them a natural, effortless sound that few high end headphones can produce. One of the best headphones that are well worth your investment.

Closing Thoughts:

These headsets are one of the best ranked headsets among audiophiles and audio engineers. Also best for studio monitors, these headphones are fairly priced and has amazing sound quality that is indeed worth of a world recognition. If you are an audio enthusiast or an audiophile, then these headphones are built just for you. Try them and listen to it, your ears will feel sound unlike anything you have tried.

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